The David Bordeaux Show Application

The David Bordeaux Show covers topics ranging from personal, character, and professional development through the lenses of education, martial arts, and fitness.

The David Bordeaux Show was created for those just starting out and experienced individuals in their fitness and/or martial arts journeys. Our listeners also include fitness and martial arts instructors working to improve their careers.

The mission of the show is to provide a relevant resource for the busy professional, stressed out parent, and someone looking for something to make them feel ALIVE again. We are looking for experts to share valuable tips, steps, or strategies on the topics of fitness, education, martial arts, personal success, and leadership. Authenticity and openness are the cornerstones of this show and I’m interested to have you share insights and wisdom gained that can help others move closer to their goals through specific skills, strategies and tactics. The David Bordeaux Show completely avoids any “pitch” feel to the show. Because it is an interview format, it enhances your status as an expert to both to your current audience and your ideal prospects!

Are you looking to reach an engaged audience to share your journey, culminating with what you are doing right now? If so, fill out the application below, and if your application is accepted, you will be contacted with available times to record your interview. Thank you for your interest in contributing to the community!

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